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She walks around and sees a poster plastered on a pole

A particularly touching little word.

As she was walking the streets of Toronto, Canada, in the course of 2019, Saoirse Morgan saw a little note hanging on a post. Intrigued, she decided to approach and was totally overwhelmed by what she read.

A moving message

It was the former master of a doggie who wrote the little note begging the person who came to rob him to give him back the memory card for his camera. The word specifies that there is no need to bring the rest, just this famous card because it contains the very last photos of her deceased dog.

“Keep the money and my digital camera, and whatever else you took.” But if you have the camera memory card, please, it has photos from my dog’s last day. I cannot replace these photos. Please throw it on the porch or put it in the mailbox. “

All that remains is to cross your fingers for the thief to agree to return this precious memory card. To make this story as loud as possible, Saoirse Morgan decided to share the photo of the little note on social networks where it quickly went viral.

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