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Sergey Lavrov outlines Russian foreign policy in 2021 – RT en français

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on December 29 defined the principles which will guide the foreign policy of the Russian Federation in the coming year.

In 2021, Russia will pursue a pragmatic and responsible foreign policy, which will contribute to the formation of a more just and democratic multipolar world order, promised Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“In 2021, we will continue to pursue a pragmatic and responsible foreign policy, to contribute to the formation of a more just and democratic multipolar world order. We will be, as before, open to mutually beneficial cooperation, insofar as our partners are ready for it and, of course, with unconditional respect for Russian national interests, ”he said in an interview with the agency. RIA Novosti.

West blamed for lack of vaccine cooperation

Speaking of the number one global challenge, namely the novel coronavirus pandemic, the Russian foreign minister regretted that the international community has failed to unite in the face of the coronavirus pandemic due to the reluctance of the The West, led by the United States, to establish equal cooperation with international actors. “Unfortunately, the existence of common problems, and in particular the current Covid-19 epidemic, has not yet led to a union of the international community for an effective resolution”, underlined Sergey Lavrov.

No improvement in Russian-American relations in sight

In addition, he noted that Russia does not expect improved relations with its American partner after the arrival of the new administration of Joe Biden. “Unfortunately, there is no reason to expect a rapid improvement or even a stabilization of the deteriorating relations with the United States. The anti-Russian hysteria which has invaded America makes it unlikely that we will soon be able to witness a return to normalcy, ”the minister said. According to him, the dialogue between the two countries has been taken hostage, because of the internal political conflict in the United States, which prevents the establishment of a constructive cooperation.