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Zoe Kravitz is to kiss the covered skin of Saint Laurent she is in.

Although the High fidelity The 32-year-old star garnered tons of praise with her jaw-dropping Saint Laurent ensemble at the Met Gala on September 13, there were those who took issue with the star’s look on social media, prompting the actress to address the criticism.

“I don’t understand why they’re practically naked,” commented one person in a photo shared by Comments By Celebs. “She’s gorgeous. Why does she feel the need to wear a dress like this?” To which the actress simply replied, “Being uncomfortable with the human body is colonization / washing away. brain. It’s just a body. We have them all. “

It wouldn’t be the first time Zoë, who is known for her ultra-chic looks both on and off the red carpet, has commented on her fashion choices.

At the end of July, as she wore a blue ribbed tank top and a long gray silk skirt with thongs, the actress made headlines for her laid-back urban style. And while the star’s look was enough to make headlines, it was the headlines that got Zoë thinking.

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