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SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden faces lawsuits only because David Weiss got arrested


Fox News host Sean Hannity reacts to the latest developments in the Hunter Biden case, but says the House probe into President Biden is an even “more serious” investigation.

SEAN HANNITE: Special Counsel David Weiss is seeking at least one firearms charge against Hunter. But make no mistake, let me be very clear from the start. This is no reason to rejoice. But not, because you never want to see anyone get arrested or have a hard time in their life. But it’s not even a step in the right direction when we say justice is blind. Hunter now faces lawsuits only because David Weiss was caught giving Hunter Biden a free get out of jail card in what has been the sweetest love deal in history. No jail time, no serious charges, a light slap on the wrist, full immunity hidden deep in the plea deal, trying to get this through the judge. And remember, the original plan involved no charges at all, and then the IRS whistleblowers made that plan obsolete and impossible.

David Weiss therefore came up with a plan B which included immunity and which became the second best option. No jail time, no real charges. Everything was going according to plan until the federal judge in Delaware started asking important and crucial questions. The best question in my mind was from the prosecutor. Have you ever seen a diversion agreement on the firearms part that is so broad that it encompasses felonies and other cases? They tried to bury immunity in the gun provision of the plea deal. The prosecutor had to answer, “No, Your Honor.” Ultimately, the judge and the defense rejected the deal. The judge rightly so because she only saw this deal that morning and it was never disclosed to anyone else or the defense they wanted to get out of jail with a card free and without immunity.


Now, and just as importantly, we have learned from IRS and FBI whistleblowers that in fact Weiss and others deliberately delayed investigating Hunter Biden for decades. years and that Weiss, as you all know, we have reported, he let the statute of limitations expire for very serious tax offenses for many important years, especially with Burma money. Now those are misdemeanors… You know, you think anyone with the last name Trump would ever get this kind of treatment? I do not think so.

They never even interviewed Hunter Biden during an investigation that lasted over four years. After the entire Biden family was informed of the FBI, no investigation, no Hunter interview, no future questioning. So here we are: either David Weiss, now special counsel, is the most incompetent lawyer in the world, or it was all very intentional. I happen to believe the latter.


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