Sciences Po at the heart of a new controversy – RT in French

Invited to Sciences Po Paris, a researcher accused French cuisine of reinforcing “whiteness as a dominant racial identity”. Faced with the outcry, the rue Saint-Guillaume school felt that it was simply a question of contributing to the debate.

Since June 22, a video stamped Sciences Po of a CNRS researcher professor at the University of Connecticut, Mathilde Cohen, has been circulating on social networks. This denounces “food whiteness” in French culture and considers in particular that French cuisine “reinforces whiteness as a dominant racial identity”.

The right-wing student union Uni, Sciences Po section, immediately deplored the promotion of this speech by the prestigious school, believing that “the racialists of Sciences Po continue their horrors and invent” food whitening “”. “French cuisine would be racist and would contribute to white supremacy … But what are we waiting for to enforce our traditions and cut all subsidies to these” researchers “?” Adds the Uni on Twitter.

Several personalities also said they were shocked at the speech of the researcher, like the honorary member of the National Assembly Paul Giacobbi, who deplores “so much nonsense in so few words, a usurpation posing as” Political science””. “It remains to concoct a speech on the” whiteness “of boeuf bourguignon … not obvious,” quips the former member of the Left Radical Party.

The Parisian school tried on June 25 to extinguish the controversy on Twitter, believing that it was neither a “course, nor [d’]a speech, nor [d’]an official position of Sciences Po ”, adding that Mathilde Cohen’s arguments do not“ engage ”the establishment.

For the Institut d’études politiques de la rue Saint-Guillaume, the researcher simply presented her work “during a research seminar entitled” The intensive doctoral week “. And to justify himself: “Sciences Po does not promote any particular theory or school of thought. Our university welcomes, within the framework of the scientific debate, the plurality of contemporary approaches of the human and social sciences, while respecting the ethical framework of research. ” This doctoral week took place between June 14 and 18, in partnership with the Doctoral School of Law and Political Science of the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense.

Some dispute the scientific approach of such a video. The editorialist Joseph Macé-Scaron reacted with skepticism to the answers provided by Sciences Po: “Are you serious? The video in question bears the “Sciences Po” logo and how does it feed the “scientific debate” that you talk about in your thread [fil Twitter] ? “

Sciences Po Paris is not at its first controversy. Recently, The student Figaro revealed that his students had been encouraged to use inclusive writing in their exam papers in order to collect bonus points.

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