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“Saturday’s demonstration is a shame,” judge Robert Ménard

Yanis Darras
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9:20 a.m., September 21, 2023

Two months after the death of Nahel, shot and killed by a police officer after refusing to comply during a road check, and the riots which followed his death, a large demonstration to denounce police violence will be organized this Saturday, September 24 . For the occasion, many elected officials from Nupes, the left-wing alliance which brings together the PS, LFI, the PCF and EELV, will make the trip.

Invited this Thursday morning to the microphone of Europe 1-CNews, the mayor of Béziers described the organization of this march as a “shame”. “Saturday’s demonstration is a shame,” protested the former journalist. “There is police violence, there are blunders,” begins Robert Ménard. And adds: “But I’m telling you and maybe it’s because I’m in contact with them every day, I admire the calm of the police. And I even wonder why there isn’t no more burrs.”

“The weakest are those who demand the most from the police”

However, there is no question of banning it: “I am against bans in a whole bunch of areas. I don’t believe that is the answer. But it must be said that the weakest who live in the neighborhoods are those who want the most police, because they need the police to ensure their safety”, estimates the local elected official.

So, to achieve this, for several years, the city of Béziers has armed its municipal police. A measure which “earned me all the names when I armed my municipal police ten years ago. Today, find me, outside of Paris”, a city which has not armed its municipal police, he emphasizes.

Protecting police officers from criminals

“If you go to certain neighborhoods where the guys are armed, since a Kalashnikov costs 300 euros now, simply dressed in pink and saying ‘I’m not armed’, it’s just not possible. It doesn’t exist “The police are not Care Bears,” warns the founder of Reporters Without Borders.

Faced with dealers, “you have to be fully armed,” he advocates. “You want our police officers to be killed? I don’t want that! Between these thugs and the police, my heart doesn’t waver for a second,” concludes the mayor of Béziers.


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