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Sam Allardyce Wants Football Circuit Cut To Fight Rise In Positive Covid-19 Cases |  Football News

Sam Allardyce revealed that West Brom tested positive for coronavirus this week and called for a hiatus in football action to combat the rise in cases in the game.

The Premier League on Tuesday announced its highest number of positive cases since weekly testing began in May, with 18 out of 1479 tests come back positive.

Manchester City’s game at Everton on Monday was postponed four hours before kick-off due to an outbreak at City, while Fulham’s game at Tottenham on Wednesday is uncertain due to positive cases in the Cottagers squad .

The English Football League (EFL) has also been severely affected by match postponements due to coronavirus outbreaks in clubs.

It is understood that the Premier League is not expected to suspend the current season, but Allardyce, speaking after West Brom lost 5-0 to Leeds United, said: “Everyone’s safety is more important than anything else.

“When I listen to the news, the variant of the virus spreads faster than the original virus [so] we can only do what needs to be done, which is to have a blackout.

“I’m 66 and the last thing I want to do is catch Covid. I’m very concerned about myself and football in general. If this is the right thing to do, we have to do it.

“We’ve had one positive this week and it seems to be creeping no matter how hard we try.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees no point in having two-week Premier League ‘break’

Solskjaer: I don’t see the benefits of a two week break

Speaking after Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Wolves on Tuesday night, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer questioned the logistics of implementing a two-week break in an already busy Premier League schedule – the Championships Europe looming next summer to prevent the season from being extended. it was in 2019/20.

“It’s not something I’ve thought about a lot. I think our players have been very good at sticking to protocols and rules,” Solskjaer said.

“It’s part of the job here, that we as clubs follow the given protocols. I don’t see the point in having a blackout, whatever its name.

“Because when are we going to play the games? We all know this year is so difficult, but I don’t think the stoppage of games is going to make a big, big change.”

Sam Allardyce Wants Football Circuit Cut To Fight Rise In Positive Covid-19 Cases |  Football News


Sean Dyche insists Burnley follows strict coronavirus protocols, but says it’s difficult to control what’s going on away from the club, amid concerns about an increase in cases

Dyche: Club protocols are very strict

Burnley manager Sean Dyche believes his players are working under “very strict” protocols to limit the spread of the coronavirus when they are with the club but have yet to “live their lives” away from football.

“We have protocols in place and everyone has tried to align with the protocols,” Dyche said. “But that doesn’t stop everything – you always have to put your hand on a keyboard or whatever when you get gas.

“The players still have to live their lives, they still have to function in a way that follows the rules and guidelines; the ones we have in the camp are very strict but the players have lives.

“They have families and we are told that (the virus) is everywhere so we can only stay within the limits, I just hope he stays out of football as best as possible. If the numbers keep going up, we’ll have to deal with them. this accordingly. “

Sam Allardyce Wants Football Circuit Cut To Fight Rise In Positive Covid-19 Cases |  Football News


Graham Potter says Brighton will do ‘whatever people think is right’ including a potential disruption in Premier League action if coronavirus cases continue to rise

Sheffield United confirm ‘number of positive tests’

Sheffield United have confirmed they have recorded a number of positive coronavirus tests after their latest round of testing.

Blades boss Chris Wilder revealed ahead of their 1-0 loss to Burnley that the club had seen “a few” players and “four or five behind-the-scenes staff” test positive.

Wilder’s starting lineup was unaffected, with just one change from the previous game, with Oliver Burke falling on the bench, but he was only able to name seven of nine possible substitutes.

Wilder said neither he nor the club appeared to delay the game.

“It’s not an ideal situation, but I don’t think we are a separate club. It (the virus) is developing and it is very high in football clubs,” he said. he declares.

“We just informed the relevant authorities that we had a situation at the football club. But I want to play football. That’s how we are not looking to get anything canned. We did the good thing with regard to our responsibility to the Premier League and informed them of the sick players. “

Sam Allardyce Wants Football Circuit Cut To Fight Rise In Positive Covid-19 Cases |  Football News


Sky Sports News chief reporter Bryan Swanson said Premier League insists their ‘medical protocols are robust’ after latest round of coronavirus tests showed 18 positive cases – the highest of the season to date

Premier League postponement – what the league boards are saying

The Premier League board took medical advice into account when deciding to postpone City’s game against Everton. Decisions to reorganize matches are only taken in “exceptional” circumstances and judged “on a case-by-case basis,” claim the Premier League, which maintains its medical protocols are robust.

The guidelines given to clubs in the Premier League 2020/21 handbook are that “permission will not be granted to postpone a League match where the applicant club has 14 or more players listed on their available squad list” .

The final decision is always made by the Premier League board.

Results of previous Premier League tests this season

  • Round 1: Aug 31-Sep 6 – 1605 tested, including three positive.
  • 2nd round: September 7-13 – 2131 tested, including four positive.
  • 3rd round: September 14-20 – 1574 tested, including three positive.
  • Round 4: September 21-27 – 1595 tested, including 10 positive.
  • Round 5: September 28-October 4 – 1,587 tested, including nine positive.
  • Round 6: October 5-11 – 1128 tested, including five positive.
  • Round 7: October 12-18 – 1575 tested, eight positive.
  • Round 8: October 19-25 – 1609 tested, two positive.
  • Round 9: October 26-November 1 – 1446 tested, including four positive.
  • Round 10: 2-8 November – 1646 tested, including four positive.
  • Round 11: November 9-15 – 1207 tested, including 16 positive.
  • Round 12: November 16-22 – 1530 tested, including eight positive.
  • Round 13: November 23-29 – 1381 tested, including 10 positive.
  • Round 14: November 30-December 6 – 1483 tested, 14 positive tests.
  • Round 15: December 7-13 – 1549 tested with six positive tests.
  • Round 16: December 14-20 – 1569 tested with seven positive tests.
  • Round 17: December 21-27 – 1479 tested, 18 positive tests.

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