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Salesforce CEO Proposes to Relocate Staff to Texas After Abortion Decision

Salesforce has joined a growing list of companies to respond to Texas’ new restrictive abortion ban, with the CEO of the company pledging to help workers who wish to leave the state.

Marc Benioff tweeted on Friday that his company would help its employees “get out of TX” if they chose to do so. Mr. Benioff lives in California near the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.

“Ohana, if you want to move, we’ll help you get out of Texas.” Your choice, ”he wrote. He used the Hawaiian word “Ohana” which the company uses to describe the corporate culture among employees.

The company did not immediately respond to The independent on whether or not any employees had accepted Mr. Benioff’s offer of moving assistance, or what that assistance would entail.

Texas recently entered a storm of national controversy when a Republican-led law to ban abortions after six weeks went into effect without the Supreme Court taking action to stop it.

The law is distinguished by its provision that requires anyone living in the state to enforce the ban – and collect a financial reward – rather than relying on public officials to do so.

Several companies have spoken out against the ban, including, whose CEO has announced it is launching a fund to support employees seeking abortions in the state. The dating site is headquartered in Dallas.

Salesforce employs approximately 56,000 people in the United States, Europe and India. The company and its CEO have taken progressive public positions in the past, including efforts to protect Americans who discriminate against LGBTQ people on religious or moral grounds, when such a bill was introduced to the Legislature of the state of Georgia.

Mr Benioff has also spoken out against companies that have lobbied against tax increases in the San Francisco Bay Area, which he called reluctance to help homeless people in the area.

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