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Class40: 2,500 miles in one go

Usually, the Les Sables – Horta – Les Sables race is contested in two stages: a return trip between the Vendée and the Azores, but this year the Vendée organizers were forced to adapt and change the format by due to the health situation. There will be no stopover and the 24 duos entered, which set off this Sunday, will go around the island of Faial in the direction of their choice before returning to Vendée, ie 2,540 miles in one go.

The field for this 8th edition is very high: in addition to the new Class40s with among others the duo Axel Tréhin-Fred Denis, winner of the Normandy Channel Race, we note the presence of Roland Jourdain in a duet with Stan Thuret, Thierry Duprey de Vorsent , former Orma skipper but also of a certain Gérald Véniard, a talented figarian. After having hurtled down the ski slopes, the Croatian Ivica Kostelic, world slalom champion in 2003, took the start of his second big race on Sunday. Tenth in the Normandy Channel Race with Calliste Antoine, he is accompanied by Hugo Feydit.

Tour of Brittany: 32 duets at the start

On Saturday July 3, the 13th edition of the Figaro 3 Sailing Tour of Brittany begins. From Saint-Malo to Quiberon via Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Douarnenez and Concarneau, 32 duos will battle it out over eight stages. As in 2019, the Pôle Inshore Bretagne, led by Stéphane Krause, has selected a young Breton to compete in this Tour de Bretagne.

“The idea of ​​the week is that they develop skills, that this week prepares them to sail on the Tour de Bretagne. Then, once the selected is appointed, we start training. After Élodie Bonafous in 2019, the Trinitain Basile Bourgnon, entered on the Mini course, will be the co-skipper of Damien Cloarec.

“It’s a medium that attracts me for the future, and I think that anticipating things for the future, sailing well, learning and taking my marks.” For a week, the young 19-year-old skipper will do his ranges in Figaro 3 against the best… For a Solitaire du Figaro soon?

Ultimate: the injury of Yves Le Blevec

During a training outing in the bay of Quiberon on his Ultimate Flying, Yves Le Blevec was seriously injured three weeks ago. Plastered on his left ankle five months before the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre, the skipper of Actual Leader had to organize himself: “I slipped on the deck, there was little wind. My ankle gave way. Good. , one cannot consider that there are intelligent accidents but, quite honestly, it could have happened while trimming my hedge or by sweeping the house “.

While his team, with Ronan Deshayes at the helm, continues outings in the Bay of Quiberon, Yves Le Blevec takes his trouble patiently on land: “In total, I have six weeks of plaster, which is fine with me. take it until July 15. My ankle will have been immobilized for a month and a half so it will not be very comfortable pressing on it “.

The skipper has not yet revealed the name of his teammate for the Transat Jacques Vabre but there is no shortage of requests: “There are people on the short-list but there is also a hell of a transfer window because there is no has never had so many boats at the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre. I understand that the Vatine basin in Le Havre is already full even before there is an Ultimate in it. And, we Ultimes, we will be outside: this basin will be full with Imoca, Ocean Fifty and Class40 For the position of co-skipper by my side, yes, of course there are people, I spoke with a lot of people “.

We would put a coin on the Spaniard Alex Pella who has already competed in the Brest Atlantiques 2019 with Le Blevec, or even on Anthony Marchand, teammate during the Drheam Cup 2020.

Nicolas Goyard walks on the water.

All the slalomers of the PWA circuit gathered in Israel, on the spot of Tiberias, an inland lake. On this new stage of the calendar, the Slalom 2.0 for the men has been set up, with a choice between aileron or a foil. Over the hours, the wind picked up and all the competitors put away the foils, except one… Nicolas Goyard, world foil champion, who atomized all his opponents in 20 knots of wind.

A performance that is not unlike that of Erik Thiémé in 1987 in Tarifa in Spain during a World Cup stage: not performing well in the driftboard events, Thiémé had decided to align with his slalom board on a race course. He had won with a good lead, relegating the driftboards to retirement earlier than expected.

Outrigger vs drone: 1-1

A crew member aboard Nicolas Troussel’s Imoca “Corum” for The Ocean Race Europe, Sébastien Josse was also in charge of image production. During a drone outing, Josse forgot the outrigger, a huge outrigger sticking out on each side … We let you enjoy the images and especially the sailor’s head realizing his piloting error … We reassure you, the drone have nothing !

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