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Russian prison services said Alexey Navalny was receiving all necessary medical care in the penal colony where he is serving his sentence. The latter had said that he was refused access to a doctor.

The Directorate of the Enforcement of Sentences of the Russian Federation for the Vladimir region declared that the disciplinary measures against Alexey Navalny, who is serving a prison sentence in a penal colony, were being carried out “in accordance with to the standards of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation ”.

The condemned Alexeï Navalny receives all the necessary medical care in accordance with the medical indications concerning him

“The convict’s meetings with his lawyers are organized in accordance with the requirements of article 89, paragraph 4, of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation,” the prison services specified in a statement dated March 31, adding: “We inform also that the condemned Alexeï Navalny benefits from all the necessary medical care in accordance with the medical indications concerning him. ” In addition, according to the same source, the guards of the penal colony strictly respect the right of all those condemned to an uninterrupted sleep of eight hours.

The administrative service also affirms that Alexeï Navalny received a reprimand from the commission of the establishment where he is detained, “for repeated violations linked to the refusal of the detainee to perform the duties of the cell manager, violation of the established dress code and non-respect of the timetable ”. This earned him “awareness talks”, under the legislation in force.

These public announcements come after Alexei Navalny declared, on March 31 on his Instagram account, to start a hunger strike “to demand the application of the law and to let a doctor come. [le] see”. He accused the prison administration of refusing to give him access to a doctor and to provide him with medicines and deprive him of sleep by waking him “eight times a night”.

Asked about Alexeï Navaly’s comments, US diplomacy spokesman Ned Price described him as a “political prisoner” and once again called for his release.

Revocation of suspended sentence

Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny is serving a two and a half year prison sentence in a penal colony in the Vladimir region. Russian justice revoked last February the stay of a 2014 conviction in a corruption case. In question: the non respect of the conditions of the judicial control required by this suspended sentence. Alexei Navalny had failed to appear for registration with the prison inspectorate at least six times during the year 2020 – January 13, January 27, February 3, March 16, July 6 and August 17.

In 2014, Alexeï Navalny was found guilty of embezzlement in the Russian subsidiary of the French group Yves Rocher.

Alexeï Navalny has also been at the heart of media attention in recent months, after being transferred into a coma in Germany at the end of August 2020 having been seized with unease in Russia. He accuses the Kremlin of trying to poison him (a version also defended by several governments, including those of France, the United States and Germany), which Moscow refutes. He was released from hospital without after-effects, before joining Russia in January 2021.

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