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Russian army: Vladimir Putin raises the age limit to go to the front to 70


Septuagenarians could soon find themselves at the front in Ukraine, according to a series of laws adopted by Moscow.

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From now on, reservists aged 70 who have evolved within the army as a general or who have held any other key position may have to come out of retirement to go and fight. The maximum age was set at 65 before the passage of the new laws.

Officers who held less important functions within the hierarchy can be recruited until the age of 65 instead of 60, while other reservists who have completed their military service without obtaining any particular distinction can be recalled until the age of 55 instead of 45.

The heavy losses of the Russian army, added to the aborted mutiny of the paramilitary group Wagner carried out last June, have contributed to weakening the presence of Vladimir Putin’s troops in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian media have assessed the human losses at 47,000. The Ukrainians, for their part, claim that 240,000 enemy soldiers have lost their lives since the start of the conflict.

Thousands of men are said to have fled Russia in order to avoid being mobilized.

According to daily information The Mirror



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