Russia leads the way in blocking Facebook or YouTube over censorship or discrimination – RT en français

Russian lawmakers have passed a law allowing sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to be blocked if they are found guilty of censorship or discrimination.

The Russian Parliament adopted in last reading on December 23 a new law which will allow the authorities to block the platforms condemned for acts of censorship or discrimination. This text relates in particular to “sanctions against censorship targeting Russians or the media” in the country, the lower house of parliament, the Duma, said in a statement.

It should make it possible to penalize in particular “the limitations of access to information for reasons linked to nationality, language, origin” and make possible the “complete or partial” blocking of the incriminated sites. The Duma specifies that these sanctions will also be possible “in the event of discrimination against the content of Russian media”.

The authors of the text had previously indicated that the law could be used against foreign services, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, because the latter were accused by Russian media of “about twenty acts of discrimination” in 2020.

Twitter and YouTube put special labels on the profiles or under the videos of Russian state media and news agencies. Last June, Facebook announced its intention to do the same. On several occasions, Moscow has denounced the discrimination that the American web giants suffer from the Russian media.

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