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Activist Rose McGowan lambasted Fox News for reporting on the criticisms of the American establishment that she leveled in endorsing Larry Elder for governor of California as an attack on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I haven’t slammed BLM. I criticized arrogant whites because they thought black people gave their importance to white liberals or racists an F ”, McGowan said, reacting to Fox News coverage of his joint press conference with California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder. The news article she was angry with was headlined Rose McGowan slams Black Lives Matter alongside Larry Elder: “He might know more than you. “”

McGowan has endorsed Elder’s candidacy to replace incumbent Gavin Newsom, should he be removed from office in the upcoming recall election on Tuesday. She said that although she and the conservative black radio host disagreed on many political issues, she believed he was someone who really wanted to improve the lives of ordinary people. Meanwhile, Newsom has long been part of the entrenched establishment preserving the rotten status quo for personal gain, she said.

The Black Lives Matter issue arose after Elder berated the Democratic Party for “play the race card” to stimulate the black vote, which he said runs counter to progress in civil rights.

“Racial justice is the goal of this party. And they divided this country ”, he said. “We have a lot more in common than we have apart. “

Elder said after electing a black person as president, Americans “Can now deal with people based on character content, not skin color.” Instead, Democrats doubled down … on things like Critical Race Theory and Redress. “

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As she supported the sentiment, McGowan predicted that “Most white people who work in the media will disown it. But understand who this is from and that he may know more than you who live in different skin.

“Most people don’t want to hear that. They want to hear that the more we micro-label each other the better off we will be ”, she added. “If you really want to cross racial lines, just be in the cover. Be honest.”

McGowan views American society as deeply corrupt, with powerful elites deliberately keeping the common people ignorant and divided so that they can easily fall prey. Much of the activism ostensibly promoting racial justice is part of this system, she believes, condescending to people of color and pitting them against white working class people against each other.

A fierce critic of the two main parties in the United States, McGowan has once been criticized by the left for taking to Fox News to denounce both Democrats and Republicans. The news channel is seen as a dishonest spokesperson for the GOP by many Democrats, so that someone involved in it, regardless of their background, is instantly flagged as an enemy by the Blue Camp.

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During the conference with Elder, McGowan spoke out against the treatment, saying the left had not seen partisanship from its own media sources. “You are part of it” she said, addressing reporters, speaking of a “dirty fight” against Elder’s candidacy. The eldest was marked “The black face of white supremacy” by hostile media during the campaign.

“That’s not to say that The New York Times has 98.5% of its readers identified as Democrats. But people are screaming about Fox News that only Republicans watch, aren’t they? “ McGowan noted.

The newspaper’s audiences are strongly left-wing, but not necessarily as McGowan said. A Pew poll last year showed that 91% of people, who saw The Times as their main source of information, were Democrats. The same measurement for Fox News and Republicans was 93%.

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