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“My husband was flashed Monday night on his way to work while driving at 108 km / h (he put the automatic speed), the person in front of him also besides and the person behind him too”, announces on the Facebook page of “Question / Entraide / Infos Briec et Pays Glazik” an Internet user. “Arrived at his place of work, he talks about it to his colleague who tells him that he too was flashed on his way. In the end, they are six to have been flashed in the same period of time! “

Radar malfunction

And they don’t seem to be the only ones in this case. Under the post, more than 140 people testify about their misadventure. The problem ? Park Poulic’s discriminating radar, located on the RN165, in the Brest-Quimper direction.

Since Sunday evening, it flashes vehicles even below 110 km / h. “It is linked to a malfunction of the radar”, one explains to the prefecture. “The service responsible for repairing it is informed. The problem should be resolved within a few days ”.

No fine below 110 km / h

But why did the radar start flashing all the time? Would he take cars for trucks, which must not exceed 90 km / h? The prefecture does not have the answer. She is awaiting the return of the competent service. “It can happen, it’s an electronic tool. Sometimes it’s the other way around, some don’t flash anymore. But they are regularly monitored. There is no need to worry ”.

Regarding the PV, that motorists be reassured. As is always the case, the photos of the vehicles will be analyzed at the Automated Center for the Observation of Traffic Infractions (Cacir), in Rennes. Motorists flashed below 110 km / h will not receive a fine.

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