Richard Ferrand: “Trompe-l’œil victories and defeats” – Regional Elections

What do you think of the result of the regional elections in Brittany and the victory of outgoing PS President Loïg Chesnais-Girard?

First of all, I would like to thank both the Bretons who went to vote and those who gave their voice to the list of Thierry Burlot (candidate supported by the Republic in March). I had already said it, but in the context which is ours, there was no doubt that there would be a strong abstention and that a bonus would be given to leavers. I extend best wishes to those chosen by the voters. Once the elections are over, everyone needs to work together. This is what I will continue to do with all the Breton deputies. But now, the priority is to vaccinate, vaccinate and relaunch, relaunch.

You will no longer sit in the regional hemicycle since you were not elected last night. Is it a regret?

With this level of abstention, everyone who showed up lost. But some more than others and I am one of them. Personally, of course I am sad. I was asked to be the head of the list in Finistère, which would undoubtedly have guaranteed me to be elected, but I considered that with the functions that are mine, I could not lead this fight. It was my responsibility to bring out young people and that is what I did with Tristan Bréhier, who was elected and I am happy to do so. But that does not mean for me a decrease in interest in regional affairs.

I am not sure that Jean-Yves Le Drian’s non-positions have been understood

Environmentalists made a breakthrough in Brittany last night. Your candidate Thierry Burlot has often alerted voters to a policy which, according to him, would undermine the Breton agricultural model. Are you worried that Loïg Chesnais-Girard will bend under their weight?

Democracy consists of taking into account the expression of the voters. Claire Desmares-Poirrier’s list obtained a large number of votes. I do not see why it should not be taken into account. The outgoing president also achieved a very good score. The role of an executive is to bring together, not to divide, not to divide.

Jean-Yves Le Drian never said during this campaign who he would vote for. Do you regret it?

Jean-Yves Le Drian is a great Breton. He is a great minister. I don’t have to express myself on what he says or what he does not say. However, I am not sure that his non-positions were understood. But the match is over and it would be pointless to do it again.

These regional elections are, for the presidential majority and Emmanuel Macron, a failure. Is this a bad signal for the presidential election in 2022?

Gone are the days when we could make projections for the future based on a ballot, whatever it may be. Then, we must not forget that these are victories and defeats in trompe-l’oeil. At 70% abstention, that condemns to a lot of humility. Now I was struck last night by those to the right who were re-elected. They clearly said that their Region did not interest them but that it was the Élysée that interested them. This is not the best way to re-engage voters …

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