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RHOSLC Star Heather Gay’s ‘Bad Mormon’ Memoirs Are 50% Off


Thousands of years ago, according to Mormon theology, a group of Israelites wandered out of Jerusalem, crossed a land bridge and found themselves in America, whereupon they split into two warring tribes which ended up destroying themselves, despite all the efforts of Jesus Christ. .

Luckily, the chiefs of one of the tribes were clever enough to inscribe the history of their people on golden tablets which, by a stroke of luck, were discovered some 2,000 years later by a man from the upstate New York named Joseph Smith.

A few decades later, the Mormons, expelled from every state they tried to settle in, settled in Utah. And it’s those Mormons we have, in a roundabout way, to thank for Amazon offering 50% off Real Housewife Heather Gay’s bestseller, “Bad Mormon: A Memoir.”

Named one of the best celebrity memoirs of 2023 by Entertainment Tonight — no small feat — the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star’s memoir details her early life as a devout Mormon, her time in the Brigham Young University and his eventual break with the faith after the dissolution of his marriage.

People Magazine raves that “nothing is left to chance” in Heather Gay’s New York Times bestselling memoir about youth, motherhood, marriage and Mormonism. Grab your copy today for less than $15 at Amazon.

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