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Return of the Livr’à Vannes show: “We chose the port because we needed space” – Brittany

This year, the book fair will be held on the port esplanade, and not at the foot of the ramparts, as usual. Why ?

Mainly for health reasons. We chose the port because we needed a larger space, offering the public, as well as the authors, more room to circulate. The latter will, for example, be seated at 1.40 meters from each other, instead of 90 cm. And then this new place, between the Éric-Tabarly quay and the Florence-Arthaud roundabout, offers a symbolic setting with a view of the boats, it is a gateway to the gulf, an attractive element for the authors who will be invited to a cruise. Saturday night.

Last year, the fair had exceptionally not taken place because of the pandemic. Can you recall its origins and specificity?

The show was born fifteen years ago. I was the author of dozens of books, director of Télé7Jours after having been editor-in-chief at Paris Match, and in addition, I was vannet. I found that there was a lack of a real book fair in Vannes, extended beyond the Breton language. I sold the idea to the mayor at the time of a generalist fair, based on three pillars, like the Breton Triskell: a general literature branch (An Avel, which is in the wind), a branch literature of the sea (Ar Mor), and a branch on the writings of the country (Ar Vro). Then we added children’s literature.

Who are the writers who mark this year’s lineup?

There are many, with a set of 220 authors composed by Sylvie Rostain (the artistic director). We can cite the arrival of Jim Fergus, an American from Chicago who writes about Native Americans, especially the Cheyennes. He is an author born to a French mother, he is coming to us for the first time. More hexagonal, we have Judge Marc Trévidic, Bernard Werber, who is a regular, or Caroline Pigozzi, a journalist specializing in the Vatican. The successful author Marc Lévy was to come but he was finally selected by the writing of a series …

With the obligation of the health pass as a condition of return, can we expect a success of attendance and continuation next year?

We don’t know, but when you see the success of the jazz festival and Arvor’s parties this summer, you can expect to see people. On average, there are usually around 25,000 visitors over three days. Next year, we are already thinking of putting Irish authors in the spotlight.

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