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resumption of training at PSG in a brand new center


Cyrille de la Morinerie / Photo credit: MATTHIEU MIRVILLE / DPPI VIA AFP

PSG resumed training on Tuesday on brand new lawns. Based in Poissy, in the Yvelines, the Parisian club has opened the doors of a real sports complex with more than 16 football pitches or a state-of-the-art fitness area.

Neymar, Kimpembe, Hernandez have put on their cleats, but not Mbappé and Verratti who will only arrive next week. The Parisians have taken possession of their brand new training center. Seven years to the day after deciding to move to Poissy, Europe 1 was able to discover this new 75-hectare campus.

Sixteen and a half training pitches

A 10-minute drive from Camp des Loges, the new PSG training center in Poissy is a brand new 12,000 m² building. State-of-the-art fitness area, circular cloakroom, possibility of sleeping on site with 40 rooms equipped with a private terrace with lawns that are as beautiful as in England. A paradise for any gamer. “In all, we have sixteen and a half pitches on the entire site,” rejoices Habib Ferkous, director of the PSG site.

PSG has paid 300 million euros to allow players to play in dream conditions. “It’s great because it is for us a totem in the territory. It will be 500 permanent jobs. There is nothing to envy to Real Madrid in terms of his training”, welcomes Karl Olive, deputy of Yvelines .

The environment is also a major concern for PSG. 3,000 trees will be planted. The cooks will be able to supply themselves with fresh vegetables since a vegetable garden has been created. Finally, a rain collection system is planned to cover the centre’s needs.



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