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restaurateurs organize a draw to find a buyer



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restaurateurs organize a draw to find a buyer

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France 2 – D. Basier, L. De Pavant, T. Sinier

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To find a buyer, a couple of restaurateurs in the village of Uzos (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) are organizing a rather special draw. 3,000 shares are offered for a unit price of 50 euros. If they are all sold, the draw will take place on October 31.

Failing to find a buyer, Vincent Lucas, restaurateur at “Le Pare hunger” in Uzos (Pyrenees-Atlantiques) organizes a draw with an entry bet of 50 euros. As the law does not allow him to organize gambling, the restaurateur found a legal subtlety. “It’s not a game, it’s an underwriting operation with a company law method. A bailiff will randomly draw an action for the benefit of a single winner.explains Vincent Lucas.

The only solution

For the boss, Carey Lucas, this is the only solution, because no candidate buyer could obtain a bank loan. “THE appetite suppressant” is the only restaurant in the village ofUzos. The draw will take place if 3,000 shares are sold, i.e. 150,000 euros raised. This is the price of the goodwill. Customers were initially surprised by the approach. Some regulars even buy shares out of solidarity. If the 3,000 shares do not find takers, the participants will be reimbursed. For the moment, 300 are already sold. The draw will take place on October 31.