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Representatives of 27 EU countries approve provisional application of post-Brexit deal

Unanimously, the representatives of the member states of the European Union (EU) on Monday gave their approval to the provisional application, from 1er January, of the post-Brexit deal reached last week with the UK.

Formal adoption by governments is expected by Tuesday afternoon, tweeted German EU Presidency spokesperson Sebastian Fischer. The British Parliament’s vote on the deal will take place on Wednesday. Finally, the approval of MEPs is expected in early 2021.

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1,246 pages

The agreement reached on Thursday between London and Brussels will help preserve the UK’s quota-free and tariff-free access to the single European market, which has some 450 million consumers, but will not prevent disruption and economic effects unwanted for UK or EU member states.

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Many aspects of the future relationship between the two blocs remain to be defined and this process could take years. Published on Saturday by the British government, the text includes a 1,246-page trade agreement, as well as provisions on nuclear energy and the exchange of classified information as well as a series of joint statements.

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