Regional: Richard Ferrand among the big losers – Brittany

Of the five lists in contention, that of Union in the center of Thierry Burlot (“We Brittany”) only climbed to fourth position. Consequence: the elected LREM and former vice-president of the Region will have few representatives within the regional hemicycle. Positioned only in fifth position on the Costa Rican list, Thierry Burlot will even have to leave his chair as regional advisor.

A withdrawal could save Ferrand

“There is a little disappointment not to have mobilized the Breton electorate more, deplores Thierry Burlot. My congratulations to the outgoing president, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, who wins. Everyone suffered from abstention. How to learn lessons with 65% abstention. From now on, we want to join in a constructive opposition ”.

Still among the candidates of “We Brittany”, Richard Ferrand, third on the Finistère list, is not in a position to join the regional assembly. Only a withdrawal from one of the two running mate placed in front of him (Tristan Bréhier and Alexandra Guillore) could allow him to keep his post of regional adviser. This Sunday evening, the President of the National Assembly did not wish to speak. Other personalities of “We Brittany” are not, either, qualified as Hind Saoud, president of the LREM group in the Region, and Carole Gandon, LREM candidate for mayor of Rennes.

Daniel Cueff, Christian Troadec, Loïc Henaff …

On the side of Loïg Chesnais-Girard (“Brittany with Loïg”), Fanny Chappé, mayor of Paimpol (22), will again sit on the regional council, as will Christian Troadec, mayor of Carhaix (29), and the Morbihan defender of the Breton language, Paul Molac. Note also the election of the industrialist from Finistère, Loïc Henaff, who campaigned with Loïg Chesnais-Girard.

Eliminated in the first round before joining the list “Brittany with Loïg”, the ecologist and former mayor of Langouët (35), Daniel Cueff, will also sit alongside the president of the outgoing regional council. If the former union leader of the Gad slaughterhouse and elected in Saint-Thégonnec (29), Olivier Le Bras, retains his seat, the Finistère navigator Roland Jourdain, outgoing regional councilor and also appearing on the list “Brittany with Loïg », Will weigh anchor for the Region.

On the right, Isabelle Le Callennec (“Hissons la Bretagne”) will sit in the regional opposition with, among others, the Costarmorican Marc Le Fur and the Finistère Agnès Le Brun. At the National Gathering, the Breton leader Gilles Pennelle retains his seat in the Region, where his head of the Morbihan list, Florent de Kersauson, will make his entry.

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