Regional languages ​​law: how much has Parliament changed the text?

Article 4

Immersive teaching of regional languages

A short article, but the most controversial.

Initially, there is no reference to “immersive teaching”. Too explosive. The proposal simply intends to authorize adjustments “to the principle of time parity between teaching in French and teaching in a regional language”. In other words: recognize the opportunity to use the regional language as the main language of instruction and as the language of communication within the establishment.

“The proposed law aims to make it possible to possibly favor, at certain levels of education, one language rather than another while leaving teachers greater pedagogical freedom, while maintaining the overall objective of mastering each of the two languages. at each level “, explains Paul Molac.

In the exchanges, officially, the deputies doubt the constitutional character of the measure. Unofficially, the government, and particularly Jean-Michel Blanquer, sees red and pushes the majority to oppose it. The Minister of Education evokes a risk, “if we want all children to learn French”. This article will be & nbsp deleted , as it stands, from its first time in committee.

Tenacious, senators go & nbsp hand over & nbsp on the table the proposal. By making, this time, directly reference, in the drafting of the amendment, to “immersive education”: they ask that be “consecrated a third form of regional language education: immersive education”. In short, to go further than the simple course on regional culture or the bilingual course in the regional language.

“If several networks of schools offer this type of education, in particular the Diwan schools for teaching in Breton, immersive education courses cannot however be offered in public education to date and are thus limited to private establishments “, justify the senators. “The article therefore allows public institutions to offer an immersive education stream, alongside” classic “streams.”

For supporters of the idea, there is no risk of unconstitutionality: the immersive will be “offered”, not “imposed” on the pupils.

To everyone’s surprise, the proposal is definitely & nbsp adopted & nbsp . But seized by deputies of the majority, the Constitutional Council will censor & nbsp the measure. Reason: “according to article 2 of the Constitution, individuals cannot claim, in their relations with administrations and public services, a right to use a language other than French, nor be constrained for such use “.

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