Regional languages ​​law censored: reactions in Brittany [Vidéo] – Regional languages: the bill partially censored

Paul Molac (MP for Morbihan)

“I am astounded by the lack of knowledge of the Constitutional Council of what French society is today. The Council is tackling the immersive teaching method in the private sector as well as in associations, although it has largely proved its worth in the Diwan, Calandrettes or Ikastolas schools! They justify their reasoning by referring to Article 2, which was designed to counter the use of English but has in reality always served to fight against regional languages. At this point, it is no longer conservatism, but a reactionary spirit! “

Daniel Cueff (Bretagne ma vie, head of the 2021 regional list)

“It is with dismay and deep amazement that I learned of the decision of the Constitutional Council today. Immersion becomes unconstitutional until schools under contract with the National Education. Clearly, this means the end of the Diwan education system which is based, as we know, on the benefits of immersion for learning a language. How will teachers in Diwan be paid from now on? Will the state abruptly end all association contracts? How would the State accept new contracts with Diwan? While immersion had been implemented up to now, experimented with in the public education system with the approval of the National Education, it is a considerable setback for the teaching of Breton. The risk of unconstitutionality has been clearly underestimated. “

Richard Ferrand (Member of Parliament for Finistère and President of the National Assembly)

“The Constitutional Council rejected two provisions which relate to the use of diacritics, in particular the tilde, in the civil status, and“ immersive ”teaching. Basically, immersive education, as it has long been experienced in our region, strengthens rather than undermines mastery of French, while genuinely bringing regional languages ​​to life. This decision in no way alters the different methods of teaching Breton. This decision, which definitively anchors the teaching of regional languages ​​in the school life of our children and in the life of our territories, encourages us to perfect the work undertaken. “

Joannic Martin (Breton Party, head of the 2021 regional list)

“Immersion education and ñ have just been censored by the Constitutional Council. Shame on the supporters of immobility who signed this referral. They bear a heavy responsibility. Between inclusion and exclusion, the Republic has decided once again and is moving further away from a whole part of its population. It is time for Paris to listen to the Bretons and make room for the minorities who are outside the Île-de-France. We call for a very large presence in Guingamp on Saturday May 29 so that our languages ​​live. “

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