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Red Bull among teams to deny filing suit against Toto and Susie Wolff


Mercedes’ Formula 1 rivals have issued a joint statement denying making any complaint over an alleged breach of confidential information by F1 Academy director Susie Wolff.

Wolff is the wife of Mercedes team principal Toto, and on Tuesday F1 governing body the FIA ​​announced an investigation into the couples’ conduct.


Susie condemned the allegationsCredit: Getty

Susie Wolff released a statement in response to the investigation, saying the allegations were “deeply insulting”, while Mercedes called the claims “unsubstantiated allegations from a single media outlet”.

F1 itself responded by saying it was “totally convinced the allegations were false” and now the nine teams in the paddock that are not Mercedes have issued a joint statement.

“We can confirm that we have not made any complaints to the FIA ​​regarding the allegation of information of a confidential nature exchanged between an F1 team principal and a member of FOM staff,” it reads.

“We are happy and proud to support the F1 Academy and its Managing Director through our commitment to sponsor a participant in our liveries starting next season.”

Toto Wolff’s long-time rival and counterpart at Red Bull, Christian Horner, has now addressed the news, telling Sky Sports he was “surprised” to hear about the investigation.

“We have a big rivalry (with Mercedes) on track but we have not made any official complaints regarding Susie, Toto or Mercedes to the FIA,” Horner said.

“In fact, Red Bull is the team that has been most involved in the F1 Academy since its creation, to the point that between the two Red Bull-owned teams we will enter three cars in 2024. So we have been I works closely with Susie, who does great work on the F1 Academy.

“So I think we, like others, were quite surprised by the statement released last night, but it was certainly not instigated, demanded or triggered by Red Bull.

Horner said Red Bull was not involved


Horner said Red Bull was not involvedCredit: AFP

“We have not made any official complaint or request to the FIA ​​or FOM.

“As far as the other teams are concerned, I can’t speak for the others. It’s an FIA matter, they took this step, but like I said, it certainly has nothing to do with it. with Red Bull.”



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