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Real estate: what are the new conditions of the zero-rate loan?




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France 2

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France 2 – M. Damoy, C. Rigeade, A. Dupont, C. Barbaux, A. Placier, R. Casalis, M. Marie

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Faced with the increase in interest rates, the government wanted to extend the zero-interest loan system. Under what conditions? We take stock.

Faced with rising borrowing rates, the government is banking on a new, more extensive version of the zero-rate loan. In Alsace, Loïc Schneider is one of the new beneficiaries. This salesman buys his first apartment, a home currently under construction, for 240,000 euros.It changed the situation in terms of the file. For the banks, it was a bit complicated, especially because of the debt ratio”explains Loïc Schneider. 40% of his loan is taken out at zero interest. In other words, the interest is paid by the State.

An extension until 2027

From now on, the zero-rate loan can cover 50% of the total loan for a maximum amount of 172,000 euros. Another new feature is that it is open to households with incomes between 2,400 and 4,000 euros, or 6 million new beneficiaries. Finally, it extends to 210 more cities, including Senlis (Oise)La Rochelle (Charente Maritime) and Biarritz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). In tense areas, the zero-interest loan will be reserved for new apartments. In non-extensive areas, only old apartments to be renovated. The system is extended until 2027.



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