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Rave-party in the Loire, the mayor woken up in the night by … the gendarmes – France

An unauthorized rave party that started on Saturday was still in progress, this Sunday afternoon, in the Loire, in Saint-Priest-la-Prugne. Between 1,500 and 2,000 people had been identified at the start of the gathering, which settled in a clearing of the Bois Noirs, a wooded area located in the north-west of the Loire, bordering the departments of Allier and Puy de Dome. This Sunday afternoon, they were still around 800. About thirty gendarmes went there and drew up a series of reports for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, use of narcotics, as well as for violations of the Highway Code, during checks. carried out at the request of the Roanne prosecutor’s office.

“We couldn’t hear the music from the town center”

The wooded character of the area makes it difficult to access the place where the music is broadcast according to the police.

It is also to try to identify the organizers of this rave party which was not declared in the prefecture and was prohibited by a municipal decree, and possibly to seize the sound equipment, underlines the gendarmerie. “The presence on the spot of the police aims in particular to secure the exit on the public highway of people who for some are alcoholic”, indicated the sub-prefect of Roanne, Sylvaine Astic.
Contacted, the mayor of the town, Dominique Cazorla, said, for his part, to have “been woken up around 1 am, but by the gendarmes because this time we could not hear the music from the town center” where he resides. “It seems that there was no major inconvenience because I have not received any complaints from residents. We have noticed for some time that the organizers are trying to be more responsible by lowering the volume, ”he concluded.

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