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RATP’s nod to Paris metro users – RT in French

To humorously mark the end of this difficult year for humanity, RATP posted a small message to travelers under the name of the resort with the evocative name of Bonne Nouvelle.

“Good News, the year 2020 is over!” This is what the users of the RATP which passed through the Bonne Nouvelle station on lines 8 and 9 of the Paris metro. A little nod from the Parisian public transport network to close this particularly trying year against the backdrop of a global pandemic.

“To definitely turn the page on 2020, our Bonne Nouvelle station is saying it out loud,” RATP said on its Twitter account to network users.

The Covid-19 epidemic brought the world to heel in 2020. Never in memory of our contemporaries. On March 24, more than 3.38 billion people in nearly 80 countries or territories were called or forced by their authorities to remain confined to their homes to fight against the spread of the virus, according to a count carried out by AFP. The return of the epidemic to Europe in the autumn dampened the last hopes of seeing the coronavirus disappear after the first epidemic wave.

As of December 30, 2020, the coronavirus had affected more than 80 million people and killed a total of 1,783,619 worldwide.

However, the vaccination campaigns started around the world are raising hopes of a return to normal in the near future.