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Rapper Nicki Minaj shocks fans with Covid-19 vaccine horror story about ‘cousin’s friend in Trinidad’ – RT USA News

Fans of rapper Nicki Minaj are begging her to stop ‘denying’ the Covid-19 vaccine after she tweeted a story about someone in Trinidad experiencing unusual and quite unfortunate side effects – but said she would get it – even the vaccine.

“My cousin in Trinidad will not be vaccinated [because] his friend got it and became helpless. His testicles became swollen ”, Minaj, born in Trinidad, tweeted on Monday evening.

“Her friend was a few weeks away from getting married, now the girl has called off the wedding. So pray over it and make sure you are comfortable. with [your] decision, not intimidated “, she added.

The tweet drew a lot of attention, with many reporters questioning whether Minaj will be banned or the tweet censored due to “medical misinformation” that social media platforms have removed at the request of the White House.

Some Minaj fans were also alarmed, with one begging her to “Please inquire about this subject” because “Individual cases should not be used to refuse the vaccine. “ The fan added, “Look at the research. The vaccines are VERY effective. It’s a fact. It is not an opinion.

Others deployed their Google medical degrees, speculating that the cousin’s friend had testicular cancer or suffered from sexually transmitted diseases instead, and could not have had such a reaction to the photo of Covid-19 that ‘he actually took.

Minaj herself was not against the jab. “I’m sure I’ll b[e] vaccinated too [because] I have to go on tour, etc. she told a fan who feared getting the second dose and felt compelled to get the first because otherwise he wouldn’t be able to apply for jobs.

“Many countries will not let [people] job [without] the vaccine. Username [definitely] recommend that they get vaccinated. They have to feed their families. Minaj added.

To a fan who said she got the vaccine and didn’t catch the virus, the rapper responded, “It’s amazing baby. This is the norm. ”

“Why couldn’t you say that first?” “ asked another fan. “Because I say what I want when I want the way I want puddin pop.” Internet does not scare me ”, was his cue.

Born Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Minaj has been a singer since 2004 and made her acting debut a decade later.

She has been described as “the most influential rapper of all time” and has the most Instagram followers of any rapper, with 155 million fans.

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