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Hulls explained that they only knew what Petito and Laundrie shared during their brief interaction – the camera footage of the interaction is about an hour long – and that they could only delete the information presented, explaining that officers couldn’t “let our emotions determine the decision.”

“It’s easy to say when you can break down a video, minute by minute, and judge it, versus when we saw minor injuries and two people apologizing,” Hulls said of the reviews. ‘she and the other response officers are confronted.

Nonetheless, Hulls feels bad that he couldn’t have done “something more” to help Petito. “There are so many circumstances where you would like it to go a certain way, and if you get stuck with the ‘should have, could have, should have’, you can’t do that job,” Hulls said. “You have to learn from this and keep going, or you won’t help the next Gabby.”

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