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Rand Paul grills Blinken on drone strike in Afghanistan

Senator Rand Paul asked Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about a US drone strike in Afghanistan that could have killed an aid worker for a US organization.

The Kentucky Republican question came after a The New York Times reported on Friday that a drone strike carried out near the end of the US military operation in Afghanistan may have hit a worker from a US aid group rather than a member of Isis-K, a wing of Islamic State in Afghanistan.

“The guy the Biden administration buzzed about, was he an aid worker or an ISIS operative,” asked Paul, to whom Blinken said the administration was reviewing the attack.

“I can’t talk about it and I can’t talk about it in any way,” Blinken said.

Mr. Paul was a frequent critic of the Obama administration’s use of drone strikes, even leading a hours-long objection to the administration’s candidate at the time for CIA Director John Brennan.

“The Obama administration has hummed hundreds and hundreds of people,” he said. “And the point is, there is a flashback to that.”

The senator added that he had seen photos of children who were also killed in the attack.

“I mean, I don’t know if it’s true but I see these pictures of these beautiful children who were killed in the attack,” he said. “If it’s true and not propaganda, if it’s true, guess what?” Maybe you’ve created a hundred or thousands of new potential terrorists by bombing the wrong people.

The senator then asked why the United States did not bomb the helicopters and planes it left behind.

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