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Quantum code: France launched into the quantum revolution!

Putting France in the world trio of quantum technologies is the ambition of Emmanuel Macron displayed during his trip to Saclay. A public-private investment plan of 1.8 billion euros over 5 years, which should in particular make it possible to achieve the major scientific feat of having a complete prototype of a quantum computer. Computer calculations in three minutes instead of 10,000 years today, a promise with endless applications. And a question of technological sovereignty. Explanations.

What is quantum exactly? Can quantum computing put an end to cryptocurrencies? Is quantum supremacy for tomorrow? Can we speed up the vaccine race with quantum computing? Explanation of Tech with Guillaume Grallet, from Le Point magazine.

The future of quantum in France also depends on its researchers. Our guest Eleni Diamanti is research director at the CNRS and at the Sorbonne-University computer lab. His area of ​​expertise targets communication and quantum cryptography.

In the family of billionaires who have their heads in the stars, here is Sir Richard Branson! Successful bet for his company Virgin Orbit after a second validated test in January. His “Cosmic Girl” made sparks. This is the name of the Boeing 747 modified for the occasion and under the wing of which the rocket “Launcher One” came to be fixed. An airborne take-off that would allow small satellites to be placed in orbit at a lower cost. Reportage.

And in Test24, space exploration becomes domestic. The Montpellier Vespera telescope has conquered CES 2021. It allows the general public to observe and capture images of the universe, its galaxies and nebulae via their smartphone. Demonstration!