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Pyongyang test fires of new long-range cruise missile

“This activity underlines the continued development by North Korea of ​​its nuclear program and the threats that this poses to its neighbors and the international community,” the Pentagon reacted in a statement.

The test shots occurred on Saturday and Sunday, according to the official KCNA news agency.

The previous North Korean shootings, in March in the Sea of ​​Japan, had already been interpreted as a sign of challenge to the administration of US President Joe Biden.

The missiles, of which KCNA published photos, traveled a trajectory of 1,500 kilometers, before reaching their target, not specified by the agency, which evokes “strategic weapons of great importance”.

“Weapon of deterrence”

“The effectiveness of this weapon system has confirmed its excellence,” said the official North Korean agency, celebrating a “weapon of deterrence” intended to “counter the military maneuvers of hostile forces”.

These long-range cruise missiles, if confirmed to have them, would represent a technological breakthrough for North Korea, analysts said.

The South Korean military, which is usually the primary source of information on North Korean fire, did not confirm the fire at first. “Our soldiers are carrying out a detailed analysis, in close cooperation with South Korean and American intelligence,” the South Korean army reacted cautiously.

For Japan, a missile of such range “would present a threat to the peace and security of Japan and the surrounding region”.

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