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Pulumi was one of the firsts of what is now a growing number of infrastructure-as-code startups and today at its developer conference the company is releasing version 3.0 of its platform to cloud engineering. With 70 new features and around 1000 improvements since version 2.0, this is the largest version of Pulumi to date.

The new version includes features ranging from support for Google Cloud as an infrastructure provider (now in preview) to a new automation API that turns Pulumi into a library that can then be called from others. applications. Essentially, it allows developers to write tools that, for example, can then provision and configure their own infrastructure for each customer of a SaaS application, for example.

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The company is also launching Pulumi packages and components to create savvy infrastructure building blocks that developers can then call up from their preferred languages.

Another new feature is support for Pulumi’s CI / CD assistant in all of the company’s paid plans. This feature makes it easy to deploy cloud infrastructure and applications through more than a dozen popular CI / CD platforms, including AWS Code Service, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, GitLab CI, Google Cloud Build, Jenkins, Travis CI, and Spinnaker. Until now, you had to be on a Team Pro or Enterprise plan to use it, but it’s now available to all paid users.

In addition, the company is expanding some of its corporate functionality with, for example, SAML SSO, SCIm synchronization, and new types of roles.

“When we started on Pulumi, we knew we wanted to empower developers and infrastructure teams to
collaborate more closely to create more innovative software, ”said Joe Duffy, co-founder of Pulumi and
CEO. “What we didn’t know yet was that we would end up calling it ‘Cloud Engineering’, which our customers
would call it that too, and that they would make this trip with us. We are now centering all of our
platform around this central idea which is now accelerating as the modern cloud continues to disrupt
entire business models. Pulumi 3.0 is an important step in realizing this vision of the future –
democratizing access to the cloud and helping teams build better software together – with so much more

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