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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under further scrutiny after he flew a private jet from Canberra to Sydney for a Father’s Day visit as the majority of Australians were locked in their homes .

Morrison flew from Australia’s capital Canberra to Sydney over the weekend to visit his family for Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the first Sunday in September in Australia. The health authorities had granted him an exemption as “essential worker. “

Morrison posted a photo of him and his children holding a white dove on Father’s Day, captioning the image from the start of the year. But the PM’s failure to disclose he had visited Sydney has prompted critics to accuse him of dishonesty.

Australia has closed its borders during the pandemic – both for international travel and nationally between regions.

A Canberra radio host said they were unhappy with Morrison’s “perceived lack of honesty. “

A Twitter user said: “If the Queen could sit alone at her husband’s funeral in solidarity with others separated from their families, Scott Morrison surely could have faced his children on Father’s Day.

The Australian opposition Labor Party condemned the Prime Minister for his actions, with Labor MP Bill Shorten saying: “You can’t have one rule for Mr. Morrison and another rule for everyone.

It’s not that he doesn’t deserve to see his kids, but all other Australians deserve it too. And I think when your people do it hard you have to do it hard too,” he added.

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Earlier this year, Morrison was also questioned by the public after extending his G7 trip to the UK so he could explore his ancestors in Cornwall, England. The extended sabbatical was inappropriately undertaken as Australian citizens were not allowed to travel abroad without a hard-to-obtain exemption – a policy that is still in place.

Morrison told Sydney radio station 2GB on Monday that the detours to Cornwall – which included a visit to a local prison, church and pubs – were “along the way.

Morrison came under scrutiny again in late 2019 when we went on vacation to Hawaii as catastrophic bushfires ravaged Australia. He then apologized for the timing of the trip.

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