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Presidential: Hidalgo candidate to “offer a future to all our children” – France

The socialist mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo officially announced her candidacy for the presidential election of 2022, to “offer a future to all our children”, this Sunday in Rouen. “The five-year term which is coming to an end was to unite the French, it has divided them as never before. He had to solve social problems, he made them worse. He had to protect our planet, he turned his back on ecology, ”criticized the socialist candidate in an attack on Emmanuel Macron’s record.

“End contempt”

“We must reinvent our French model weakened by these multiple crises”, whether health or climatic, declared the candidate, affirming to want to restore “the respect” and the unity of the country.

“I want all the children of France to have the same chance as that which was given to me”, affirmed the mayor of Paris who recalled her Spanish origins and having chosen the French nationality at 14 years old. “I am a candidate to provide a future for our children. To all our children, ”she insisted.

She added that she wanted “to start by putting an end to the contempt, to the arrogance, to the disdain, to the condescension of those who know so little about our lives but decide far from us, about everything, all the time, without us”, decided to to detach himself from the Parisianist image that his opponents glue to him.

A handful of them, blocked behind barriers a few hundred meters away, made themselves heard during his speech by waving a sign “Paris today, tomorrow France. Stop the rampage ”, referring to the campaign in Paris denouncing the work in the capital.

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