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A pregnant woman was shot and killed during her baby shower in Harlem, New York, after trying to end a fight.

The woman, a mother of four and pregnant with a fifth child, died Sunday morning after being shot in the head.

Police identified the woman as Shanice Young, 31. When police arrived at the scene, they found Ms. Young unconscious with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police said the woman’s ex-boyfriend, who had not been invited to the party, was one of the men involved in the fight.

Witnesses said New York Daily News that Ms. Young had tried to get between her boyfriend and her ex to keep them from fighting.

“[The gunman] came to chase the boyfriend, ”building superintendent Jose Morales told the Daily News. “They ran over here and across and ran down.”

The chase led down the street where Ms. Young attempted to intervene. At one point during the fight, she was shot.

Witnesses said the gunman fled after Ms. Young was shot. She was taken to a local hospital but pronounced dead. The suspect is still at large.

A friend of Ms. Young, who spoke anonymously for fear of retaliation from the gunman, described her as a generous woman.

“She was there at all times of the day,” the friend said. Daily news. “If you needed a plate of food or a bottle of water, she was there. If you needed a coat or a sweater, she was there.

Friends of Ms Young said she moved into the building a year ago to care for her brother and mother, who were diagnosed with cancer. After her mother died, she stayed to raise her younger brother and children.

“It’s another crazy thing in the city,” said NYPD chaplain Robert Rice.

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