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Poll: Inflation taking a hard toll on North Carolinians | North Carolina


(The Center Square) – Inflation remains the number one priority on the minds of North Carolina residents, according to a statewide poll.

Conducted from October 19 to 29 and whose results were released Tuesday, the High Point University survey collected 1,000 responses and gives a credibility interval for the results of +/-3.3%. The survey was conducted digitally and therefore does not follow the usual assumptions associated with random selection and is not assigned a “conventional margin of error”, the pollsters said in a statement.

Only 12% of respondents said inflation concerns have not affected them much, with 54% saying it has affected many spending decisions.

The survey covered spending trends and price recognition for meat, auto gasoline, eggs, fruits and vegetables, bread, clothing, milk, natural gas, electronics, water and toys.

Out of six choices, the middle one, “about the same,” consistently obtained percentages in the teens. One exception was meat, with 9% saying about the same and 58% saying its price was much higher. In fact, the “much higher price” and “slightly higher price” options included combined percentages of 70% or more for meat (84%), fruits and vegetables (78%), bread (75%). , vehicle gasoline (74%). %), eggs (72%), clothing (72%) and milk (72%).

48% of respondents said inflation expectations were “worse than expected” in recent months, and 50% said they would be higher in 12 months. People declaring that they are in a worse financial situation than a year earlier amount to 49%.



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