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politico – YouTube suspends Trump for at least a week

YouTube added that it would “turn off comments indefinitely” on Trump’s account, again citing “lingering concerns about violence” surrounding its online posts.

The company did not specify which content violated its policies.

Key context: The move comes as YouTube faces increased pressure from Democratic lawmakers and left-wing activists to crack down on Trump’s posts, after rivals Twitter and Facebook took more aggressive steps to limit the president’s accounts on these platforms.

After the riots on Capitol Hill, YouTube deleted a video of Trump repeating his baseless claims that the election was “stolen” from him. He said after the fact that he would start enforcing potentially permanent suspensions and bans against accounts that violated policies against the spread of baseless allegations of widespread electoral fraud.

The announcement meant that Trump would have to break YouTube policies three times to get a permanent ban. His first strike took place on Tuesday.

Civil rights groups demanded earlier Tuesday that YouTube delete Trump’s account, threatening to launch a broad boycott of the company if it does not, Reuters reported.

Trump’s reaction: Earlier on Tuesday, the president slammed tech companies for suspending and restricting his accounts, saying in his first remarks to reporters since the riot that tech companies had done a “horrible thing for our country and our country.”

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