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politico – Trump second impeachment: live updates, online coverage, House vote and reaction


The impeachment vote comes a few days before the president leaves office.


The House convened on Wednesday to impeach President Donald Trump for instigating a violent insurgency that – just a week earlier – stormed the U.S. Capitol, beat police officers and sent lawmakers on the run to seek refuge. security.

The charge of “willful incitement to insurgency” is the gravest ever against a sitting president.

The vote, scheduled for the afternoon, will take place in the same room where, on January 6, officers drew their weapons to protect lawmakers who sheltered insurgents knocking on doors. Five people were killed, including a US Capitol Police officer who died of injuries sustained in the riots.

“We believe that the President of the United States poses a clear and current danger to the republic,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), Whom President Nancy Pelosi appointed on Tuesday as the main responsible for the implementation. indictment of the House to argue for Trump’s conviction in a subsequent Senate trial.

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