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politico – Trump Hotel looks to cash in on Biden inauguration

When asked the same question, Patricia Tang, a spokesperson for the hotel, referred POLITICO to the hotel’s website when asked if there were any special opening promotions.

“That’s all I have to comment on, okay?” You have a great New Year. And now bye! ”Tang said before hanging up the phone amid a follow-up question. She did not respond to a follow-up email, but a reservations specialist said there was “A lot” of rooms available.

Trump has at times projected confidence that he will be able to overturn the election results, but there is little sign that his allies view this as a serious possibility. Trump’s top donor, Doug Deason, for example, stayed at the hotel four years ago and said in an interview that he would stay there again if Trump somehow got a victory. . But he was not aware of any plans to celebrate this extremely unlikely outcome on the property of Trump’s Pennsylvania Ave., a hive of buzzing activity in 2017.

We get tons of requests from Democrats for the inauguration, Trump hotel manager Mickael Damelincourt and food and beverage manager Daniel Mahdavian told Deason in mid-December, according to Deason. “They thought they were going to do very well.”

“I can’t imagine I’m invited [to Washington] if Biden ”is inaugurated, joked Deason. Damelincourt and Mahdavian did not respond to requests for comment.

“The Trump is the nicest hotel in DC and quite possibly the nicest hotel in the secure zone at the grand opening,” Deason added in a text message. “Democratic guests will find it very comfortable and accommodating, regardless of party affiliation.”

Trump’s inauguration in 2017 led the DC Attorney General to sue his groundbreaking committee and the Trump organization by arguing that the committee violated DC’s nonprofit laws by spending more than one million dollars to reserve an expensive ballroom at the Trump Hotel.

This may be the last grand opening for which Washington has a Trump hotel. The Trump Organization, led by President Donald Trump’s sons Eric and Don Jr., attempted to sell its lease for the property, but sales efforts were reportedly put on hold after no offer reached the asking price of $ 500 million.

Other posh DC hotels, which have suffered from the travel slowdown due to the pandemic, are also trying to take advantage of Democrats who would come to town for the much-scaled inauguration.

The Hay-Adams Hotel, which is close to the White House, increased its rates to $ 1,399 per night around the grand opening, which is much higher than normal rates these days for a room in the range averages over $ 300, according to its website, and a receptionist said he “certainly” saw some demand for rooms, but declined to say how many people bought.

The St. Regis in downtown Washington also increased its rates at the inauguration to at least $ 999 per night, a similar room would often cost $ 399 per night.

As the grand opening did not host any actual inaugural balls, the Rosewood Hotel in Georgetown offers an “intimate inaugural ball” for up to six people in the Presidential Suite or in one of their townhouses. The three-night package, which starts at $ 4,000 per night, offers an in-room screening of the ceremony, a reception with hors d’oeuvres and a three-course dinner with food and wine pairing. Samantha Lynch, hotel sales manager, said she had generated “a lot of interest but still had some availability.”

Due to the pandemic, Biden’s inaugural committee urges average Americans not to attend the inauguration, but said two weeks ago that Biden would be sworn in on the west side of Capitol Hill and address the country from the flat -form. There will also be some sort of parade, but there will be no traditional Congress lunch.

There have been rumors that Trump may announce that he plans to run for president again on January 20 instead of attending his successor’s inauguration as incumbent presidents usually do. Asked previously about Trump’s plans on Jan. 20, White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere told POLITICO: “Anonymous sources who claim to know what the president is or is not considering have no idea. When President Trump has an announcement on his plans for January 20, he will let you know.

The Trump campaign did not answer questions about its plans for the inauguration.

A Facebook group is organizing a “2nd Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of Donald J. Trump”, although it is not clear what they have planned. More than 67,000 people registered for the event.

While a number of Democrats escaped DC during Trump’s inauguration four years ago, some prominent Republicans have not decided whether they will leave town this time around to avoid the inauguration of Biden.

“We haven’t made any decisions,” Matt Schlapp, a Trump ally and president of the American Conservative Union, said in a text message. “We escaped our conservative colleagues for Obama’s two inaugurations in the [Virginia] mountains. Right now, we are focusing on Georgia and ending illegal voting across the country. “

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