politico – Manger named new U.S. Capitol Police chief

The appointment comes as the department prepares to transition from a traditional police force to a protection agency for members of Congress. Officers have expressed their displeasure with the leadership since the Jan.6 uprising, an attack that injured dozens of officers and left two dead.

Chad Thomas, the No. 2 Capitol Police official overseeing most of the forces, resigned in June. In a union ballot in February, 96 percent of officers gave Thomas a vote of no-confidence and 92 percent berated interim leader Yogananda Pittman, who also applied for the permanent post.

The release of a two Senate committee report highlighting the intelligence failures that led to the insurgency further strengthened officers’ calls for new leadership.

Hill’s security funding talks are also deadlocked as Capitol Police are close to running out of money for salaries and training resources.

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