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politico – ‘Institutional incendiary members of Congress’: Sasse tears apart GOP lawmakers challenging 2020 results

Sasse slammed the House Republicans crew who, before Hawley, had already vowed to challenge Biden’s victory, calling them “institutional incendiary members of Congress” who provided no evidence to justify their high-profile attempt .

Sasse offered his assessment less than a week before Congress was tasked with certifying Biden’s victory in a joint House and Senate session. This January 6 meeting has, in the past, been primarily ceremonial. Democratic efforts to challenge the last three Republican victories were quickly swept aside and never passed by the outgoing administration or the losing Democratic candidate.

In fact, in 2000, then Vice President Al Gore presided over the session that certified George W. Bush’s victory, even as his Democratic allies in the House demanded a challenge. And in 2016, Biden was leading the session when House members attempted a challenge. “It’s over,” he told them, reducing the effort.

But this time, Trump led the effort to overturn the election results and encouraged Republican allies to challenge Biden’s victory, although he provided no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities.

Sasse said that in private he spoke to two dozen of his GOP colleagues and none echoed the president’s claims.

“For President-elect Biden’s victory in Electoral College 306-232 to be overturned, President Trump would have to topple several states. But not a single state is in legal doubt, ”Sasse said before providing a state-by-state breakdown of Trump’s unsubstantiated fraud allegations and what the courts and other legal authorities had determined.

Sasse also sharply berated Trump’s lawyers, who he said told their loyal supporters – and donors – and one to the courts.

“It is not a surprise. Because there are no penalties to mislead the public, ”Sasse said. “But there are serious penalties for misleading a judge, and the president’s lawyers know it – and so they have hardly repeated any of the election fraud allegations that campaign spokespersons are yelling at their supporters the most zealous.

While seeking to debunk the president’s claims, Sasse also made an unsubstantiated claim: that the media had said “categorically … from above that there is no fraud!” “Which he said contributed to public mistrust of the election results. However, media following the election reported precisely what Sasse claimed: that there is no evidence fraud “so significant that it could have changed the outcome.” On the contrary, isolated cases and small-scale errors that are common in national elections have underscored the absence of the national electoral fraud plot alleged by Trump and his colleagues. allies.

Sasse said even isolated “specific” fraud allegations should be investigated, but “we shouldn’t burn the whole process down the road.

“We have good reason to believe that this year’s elections were fair, secure and law-abiding,” he said. “That doesn’t mean it was perfect. But there is no evidence to be completely suspicious of our elections, or to conclude that the results do not reflect the votes our fellow citizens actually voted.

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