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politico – First year students who won tight quarters: Focus on the issues

Steel, which represents a district in Orange County, Calif. That includes areas like Huntington Beach, highlighted bipartisanship and issues such as financial services and replenishing sand for beaches in his interview. But Steel also veered into issues such as the campaign to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom amid state school closures and business restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, claiming it was fighting against the “lock[s]. ”

Entering Congress for the first time, Steel said partisanship was worse than she thought.

“I see more [partisanship] that the media portray, “Steel said, lamenting that none of the” good ideas “proposed by Republicans during a 1.30-hour markup session of the Education and Labor Committee have passed .

Bourdeaux, who was the only Democrat to win a previously Republican-controlled House seat – she claimed a seat last occupied by retired GOP Representative Rob Woodall – stressed moderation and bipartisanship in her own interview. Bourdeaux has previously said he saw people in his district fearful of openly supporting Democrats, with one hiding a Hillary Clinton biography in brown paper by the pool.

“You can run with a very moderate message. And that’s really where I am. We have to tackle a lot of critical social issues, but we have to pay for them and be fiscally responsible, ”she said. “But at the same time, you really have to be very thoughtful and intentional in your outreach to various communities.”

In a previous interview with POLITICO, Bourdeaux, a member of the House Problem Solver Caucus, said Democrats seeking to win more voters should have “very intensive engagement with various constituencies of voters.” She said talking about these issues was part of her re-election strategy, saying Covid vaccinations were the No.1 priority in her district.

She said she contacted black churches to help get guns vaccines.

“The idea is to connect the people of the district with the policies that are being developed in Washington,” she said.

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