politico – Federal government says employers can offer vaccine incentives

“Because vaccinations require employees to answer disability-related screening questions prior to vaccination, a very strong incentive could cause employees to feel pressured to disclose protected medical information,” the EEOC directive said. .

Requested precision: Business groups lobbied the federal agency to clarify whether employers could offer paid time off or even money to encourage vaccination.

In April, President Joe Biden called on every employer to offer paid time off for workers to recover from the potential side effects of the shootings.

And employers, including Dollar General, Aldi and Instacart, have already decided to reward their employees for receiving the Covid-19 vaccine by offering them paid leave and cash benefits.

Other updates to the guide: The EEOC’s update to its guidelines also states that employers are required to keep their staff’s immunization information confidential because it is “employee medical information.”

If an employer wishes to mandate vaccination on its staff, the EEOC warned that screening questions for the vaccine could reveal information about an employee’s disability. The agency added that employers “should be aware that an employee can challenge mandatory pre-vaccination surveys” and should be prepared to justify screening questions under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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