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politico – City to end four contracts with Trump Organization after siege on Capitol Hill

In Central Park, skaters take to the ice at the Wollman Rink, which the Trump organization has contracted with the city. | Mark Lennihan, AP file / photo

New York City will break all public contracts with the Trump organization, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday morning, accusing President Donald Trump of inciting a mob to attack Congress.

What happened: De Blasio cited criminal activity as a legal ground for terminating contracts with the Trump Organization, which operates a golf course in the Bronx, two ice rinks and the Central Park carousel. The organization earns $ 17 million per year to manage these four sites.

“They will probably challenge us in court, but we are on a solid legal basis,” said the mayor.

Because the PGA Championship will no longer play on Trump’s golf courses, he is backing the city to withdraw the contract, the mayor said. The contract, which was made under the Bloomberg administration, requires championship games to be played there, de Blasio said.

And after: The city will start looking for suppliers to take over these government contracts from the Trump organization. De Blasio expects the outgoing president to condemn the decision and demand legal action.

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