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politico – Biden transition chief denounces ‘obstruction’ by OMB and Pentagon appointees

Those responsible for the transition “have encountered obstacles from political leaders in various agencies, including the Defense Ministry and the Bureau of Management and Budget,” Abraham said.

“Make no mistake, this lack of cooperation has concrete implications, especially with regard to our national security,” he added. “This intentionally generated opacity makes it more difficult for our government to protect the American people in the future.”

Abraham previously criticized the Pentagon leadership earlier this month after Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller said his own staff and Biden’s transition officials “mutually agreed” to suspend a series of meetings until the end of the vacation.

At the time, Abraham said no such deal had been made. Tensions have continued to escalate in recent days, leading Biden to say on Monday that Pentagon officials were erecting “roadblocks” on the way to his transition.

On Wednesday, however, Abraham spoke of the ramifications of the OMB’s alleged non-compliance to the transition team – arguing that the agency was hampering Biden’s ability to mount an effective economic response to the coronavirus pandemic and to its vast financial benefits.

“The OMB leadership’s refusal to cooperate fully compromises our ability to identify opportunities to maximize aid to Americans during the pandemic, and this leaves us in the dark about Covid-related spending and critical gaps, ”Abraham said.

Abraham’s remarks come more than a month after the General Service Administration recognized Biden as the apparent winner of the 2020 presidential election, formally allowing him to move forward with his transition despite Trump’s continued refusal to concede the race to the White House.

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