politico – Biden: “Nothing at all will be done” if the filibuster is removed

When CNN’s Don Lemon explained to him why filibuster deserves protection, Biden said keeping the filibuster is no more important than protecting voting rights. He said he believed his administration and Congress could pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act without repealing the Senate rule – a Biden agreed, as former President Barack Obama put it, is a “relic of the Jim Crow era “.

He said abolishing the rule would give Republicans in Congress an excuse to spend time debating the filibuster instead of passing his legislative agenda.

“There is no reason to protect him except that you are going to plunge the whole Congress into chaos and nothing will be done.” Nothing at all will be done. And there’s a lot at stake. The most important is the right to vote, ”Biden said. “Wouldn’t my friends across the way love to debate filibuster instead of passing the Restoration Act?

In recent months, more than 50 Senate Democrats have expressed their willingness to abolish or change the filibuster, as activists have continued to pressure the White House to move. The president’s reluctance to change has put him at odds with civil rights leaders, labor and social justice advocates, as well as a growing number of Democrats.

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