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Antoine Suggs has been charged with four counts of second degree murder after a night out at St. Paul’s bar turned into a quadruple homicide

UPDATE: 21.21.21 21:10

Suspect Antoine Suggs, who came out casually Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, one of four people found shot dead in an abandoned SUV in Sheridan, Wis., reportedly told his father he had “cracked”, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, who uncovered the horrible story on Tuesday night.

The criminal complaint alleges that Suggs, with four corpses in the car for more than seven hours, drove around St. Paul, stopped to chat with his mother, got gas and something to drink, then asked his father to help him dump the bodies in a Wisconsin Cornfield.

Police were able to determine what allegedly happened based on video footage, cell phone information and information provided by witnesses who saw the four victims as they stood together at the White Squirrel, a bar in St. Paul, Minnesota, Sept. 7. 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Police say Jasmine sturm, a longtime friend of Flug-Presley, his brother Matthew Pettus, and her boyfriend Loyace Freeman were joined by Flug-Presley and a man the police believe to be Suggs on the patio. From there, the sequence of events unfolded as the group set off in a Mercedes-Benz truck. The four are believed to have been shot around 3:30 a.m., according to the timeline of the Pioneer press.

Suggs has been charged with four counts of second degree murder with intent and awaits his extradition from Arizona, where he lives. Ramsey County is asking that the bond be set at $ 10 million. While it is not known what prompted Suggs to kill four people, a witness at the bar said Suggs claimed he “had six children and it happens every time he comes back to Minnesota.”


Two people are now in police custody following an investigation into the mysterious shooting deaths of Jasmine Christine Sturm, 30, Matthew Isaiah Pettus, 26, Nitosha Lee Flug-Presley, 30, and Loyace Foreman III, 35.

All four were found gunned down on September 12 in an SUV in a Wisconsin cornfield. Although their bodies were discovered in Wisconsin, police believe the crime was committed in Minnesota, PEOPLE Magazine reports.

A St. Paul Police Department press release reads, in part: “A full investigation into the four young adults found dead in an abandoned vehicle in rural Wisconsin revealed that the murders took place in St. Paul, Minn. .

The four were found by a farmer in a cornfield just outside the town of Sheridan on Sunday, September 12, and the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department initially took the lead. But after gathering evidence and information about what happened before and after the bodies were found, investigators determined the murders took place in Minnesota.

Darren McWright, who also goes by the last name Osborne, was arrested on September 15 in connection with the murders. He is “being held at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center under several outstanding warrants, at least one of which is outside Dunn County.”

On September 17, another suspect, Antoine D. Suggs, turned into a policeman in Arizona. The statement notes that Suggs is awaiting his extradition to Minnesota. Suggs and Osborne are father and son, and like leGrio Previously reported.

Suggs and Flug-Presley had an occasional romantic relationship. Damone presleyFlug-Presley’s father knew Osborne and said the two exchanged jokes when they met about a month before the murders.

At a police press conference last week, it was revealed that three of the victims – Pettus, Foreman III and Sturm – were from St. Paul, Minnesota. Flug-Presley was from Stillwater, Minnesota. Speak St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sturm was Foreman’s girlfriend and Pettus was Sturm’s brother.

Dunn County Sheriff Kevin bygd said at a press conference that the four victims visited a bar in St. Paul on the evening of September 11. criminal activity ”in the murders.

As the accused murderers crossed state lines to leave the bodies, the FBI Minneapolis is now involved, an FBI spokesperson confirmed. There is no connection between the victims and Sheridan, Wisconsin that police have so far discovered and they have not disclosed to whom the abandoned SUV was registered. They believe the killers left the scene in another SUV and will look at surveillance cameras on nearby bridges and highways, police said.

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Saint-Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell issued a statement regarding the victims and the investigation.

“I spent the weekend mourning the lives of the victims with their families, friends and members of our community, and I feel in my soul how these senseless deaths have shaken our community. We have four young lives – with all their promises – erased. We have families left with only memories, ”he said.

From the arrest, he thanked the police for their work.

“I am proud of the work our investigators put into the case: sleepless nights, days and days at work, coming home to put their children to bed, then returning to the office. I am confident that their dedication and unwavering commitment to securing justice for these four lost lives will soon provide the answers their loved ones so desperately seek, ”said Axtell.

Mayor Melvin carter also spoke, calling the murders “one of the most heartbreaking traumas our community has ever endured”.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with Sturm and Pettus’ funeral expenses. Sturm was a mother of two, while Pettus is described as “infinitely curious and always on the move”. Flug-Presley was also a mother of two, according to a GoFundMe page. His children, 11 and 4, take his death “very hard”, as reported by Pioneer press.

Part of the Foreman III GoFundMe page reads: “His loss was unexpected and horrific. He leaves behind the broken hearts of his two sons, parents, siblings and many friends.

Additional reporting by Tonya Pendleton

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