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Police called to fight between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie before disappearance

Utah Police were called in over a brawl between missing YouTuber Gabby Petito and boyfriend Brian Laundrie just days before her disappearance, according to a police incident report.

A witness called the Moab City Police Department at around 4:45 p.m. on August 12 and said he “feared the worst” after seeing the couple fight in their van.

Duty officer Daniel Robbins said the couple appeared to have been going through a “mental health crisis”, according to a police incident report obtained by Fox 13.

The officer reported that the couple both suffered from a mental illness that caused them to argue more and that they did not take medication for it during their four to five month trip across the country in their converted van.

“This time spent created emotional tension between them and increased the number of arguments,” Mr. Robbins wrote.

Mr Robbins said the couple started arguing on Main St, Moab.

According to the police account, Mr. Laundrie told his girlfriend to go for a walk while they both calmed down.

He tried to lock her out of the van, but she managed to get in through the driver’s door.

“He got into their van and Gabrielle had fallen into a manic state. Brian said that Gabrielle, thinking he was going to leave her in Moab without moving, went to slap him.

“As Gabrielle started to sway, Brian pushed her back to avoid the slap.”

According to the statement, Ms Petito was unbalanced but still grabbed Mr Laundrie’s face and right arm, leaving scratches visible, police said.

When police stopped the couple’s transit van, Mr Laundrie said he believed Ms Petito “grabbed the wheel of the van and pulled it, causing the van to hit the sidewalk.”

Mr Robbins said he did not believe the incident “had escalated to the level of a domestic assault.”

He decided to separate the couple for the night so that they could “reset their mental states”.

Even though the couple wanted to stay together, police arranged for Mr Laundrie to stay overnight in a hotel via Seekhaven, a family crisis center in Moab.

Ms. Petito remained in the van.

“I asked Brian and Gabrielle to use this time of separation to relax their emotions and regain control of their anxiety.

“I also asked them to avoid contacting each other until net morning if possible.”

A second officer present, Eric Pratt, said Mr. Laundrie had “grabbed (Gabbie) ‘s face and pushed her away” during the altercation.

“No one reported that the man hit the woman, the two … said they were in love and engaged and they did not desperately want to see anyone charged with a crime.”

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