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Planned Parenthood to resume abortions in Wisconsin | Wisconsin


(The Center Square) – The legal challenge to Wisconsin’s pre-Roe abortion law could move forward more quickly after Planned Parenthood announced Thursday it would resume offering abortions in the state.

“With the Court’s recent confirmation that there is no enforceable ban on abortion in Wisconsin, our staff can now provide full sexual and reproductive health care to anyone in Wisconsin who has it. need, no matter what,” Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin President and CEO Tanya Atkinson said.

Planned Parenthood plans to resume abortions on Monday.

A Dane County judge ruled in July that Wisconsin’s pre-abortion law Roe did not apply to abortions. Judge Diane Schlipper said there was no ‘1849 abortion ban’ in Wisconsin, she said. The state’s ban on abortion applies instead to feticide.

Gov. Tony Evers praised Planned Parenthood’s announcement.

“This is great news, but our fight to restore the same reproductive freedoms Wisconsinites had until today #SCOTUS reversed #Deer must continue,” Evers said on Twitter.

Planned Parenthood stopped providing abortions in June 2022, shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Gracie Skogman, legislative director of Wisconsin Right to Life, said Planned Parenthood’s decision will be devastating for “unborn children and women here in the state.”

Skogman also accused Planned Parenthood of ignoring the legal process that has yet to take place.

“Our belief is that Planned Parenthood prioritizes profit over waiting for a final decision from the courts,” she added.

Wisconsin’s pre-Roe law banned almost all abortions, except in certain cases to save a mother’s life.

Schlipper heard an argument against the law in June and has not yet made a ruling. However, it should overturn the law. From there, the law is expected to be challenged before the new Wisconsin Supreme Court, with a liberal majority.

Wisconsin Republicans want newly elected Judge Janet Protasiewicz to recuse herself from the case because of what she said about abortion law before Roe while running for the high court.



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